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too cool

Asked by Anonymous:
i want your dick in my mouth ;)

but my dick is small :/

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did you REALLY have to pin it? -_- ugh.

yeah, if you don’t pin a video you only get like 50 views lol

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Asked by Anonymous:
I don't give a fuck about your nose. It's your freakish eyes, the space between your nose and your mouth, your massive forehead, the way that you style your hair, the shape of heard, and your elongated cheeks. You look like an alien. And having a smaller nose would only further dis-preportionate your face.

aliens are cute!!


Asked by Anonymous:
Your blog says yes but your tagged me says no. Why the fuck are you so ugly?
  1. studies have shown that there’s a connection between how attractive you are and your sperm count, and it’s not the one you think: Unattractive males are just more fertile.
  2. big noses are healthier, they give you (well, me) better protection against bacteria and infections
  3. ugly people’s relationships are more likely to last longer, and they are less likely to cheat on their partner as they appreciate them more
  4. i know people are being my friend because they genuinely like my personality, not just because i’m hot (which i am, this post is just saying that even if i was ugly, there would be nothing wrong with that. my big nose is cute, whatever)

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You sound like a peasant.

you look like one

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i love your accent!


i can’t even understand myself half the time

Asked by Anonymous:
How do you lose followers? I thought you were a big deal.

i was a sort of big deal in like 2011

Asked by Anonymous:
why did u change ur theme? u always change it!

because i wanted to

(can’t be tamed)

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/wiki/Melanism sorry

melanism is a real thing, that picture however is photoshopped

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